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Two Inch Miracle

Early in my salvation, I was headed to visit my father in the hospital before he went into surgery to remove a large portion of his colon, due to colon cancer. My father wasn't much a father to my brother and I, nor was he much of a husband to my mother. In fact, he was physically, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically abusive to my entire family. In addition, he fought with many vices including: addictions to smoking, drinking, gambling, which caused our family to become homeless three times, and lastly, prostitutes. He once bragged the he must have had at least 2,000 encounters with prostitutes in his life.

In spite of all that, my mother, brother, and I went to be by his side before he went into surgery. As I drove to the hospital I heard God's audible voice in my truck. He said, "Tell your father that I will give him whatever he asks for today."

Initially, I'm sad to admit, I really didn't want to present my father with God's promise. However, when I arrived in his room, to find him all set up with tubes and wires, I knew that I had to.

"Dad," I said. "On the drive here, I heard God speak to me. He said he would give you whatever you ask for today."

My mother and brother, had the same response as me, and was very unhappy with God's promise.

Honestly, I expected my father to say, full healing. However what he asked for shocked me. He held up his left hand and lifted his index and middle finger, making the number "two".

"Two," I asked? "What are you trying to say? Two what?"

Again, he held up his hand with the same two fingers held up. This time he shook his hand, pointed at my mom, lifted his mask and said, "Inches."

I turned to my mom and she said, hesitantly, "He wants two inches of healthy colon to grow at the end of his colon, so he wouldn't have to wear a colposcopy bag which the doctor just told him he will absolutely need one. Dad said he would rather die than have to have one."

With my mother's explanation, my father nodded.

"Are you sure," I asked? "Is that all you want?"

Again, he nodded. I laid my hand on the left lower side of his abdomen and said. "As you promised God, let my father's request be so. Please make his colon grow two healthy inches wherever it is needed."

My father grabbed my hand with both his hands, shook it, then waved goodbye to us.

That night, I went back to the hospital to visit him. I found my brother and mother already there and my father with his right hand making the number two and his left hand giving me a thumbs up. He then lifted his mask and whispered, "Thank you, Jonnathan. Tell your God thank you. I had two inches."

The healing didn't lead to his salvation. However, it certainly taught me a lesson that in spite of a person's actions, God's love never fails, and his ways will always make an impact, in spite of what we believe.