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This weekend a man walked without a wheelchair for the first time after being wheelchair-bound for six years (see the video and the first photo). This miracle happened while Jonnathan and Olivia were ministering at Christian Warriors Retreat located in Yorktown, Texas. Approximately 35 men attended. The first night we attended, Jonnathan was invited to speak, and miracles signs and wondered broke out as the Holy Spirit showed up and showed off.

 Here are some of the miracles that happened while we ministered:

  • Two legs grew out
  • Rotator cuff healed
  • Three knees healed
  • Two elbows healed
  • Shoulder healed
  • Four backs healed
  • Acid reflux healed
  • Toe & foot healed
  • Two heels healed
  • Thyroid nodule healed
  • Multiple rededication and salvations

The next morning they learned that a man who didn’t come up to the altar had his right elbow and left knee healed. He would later share that he went for a run for the first time in five years that morning. Immediately after another man ministered, Jonnathan was called into another room for emergency prayer. The man was a Vietnam Veteran and wheelchair-bound for six years. He was lying in his bunk, writhing in pain while a giant hernia protruded from his abdomen. The room was already filled with other men, veterans as well. They all laid hands on him and prayed, over and over to no avail. Suddenly, a man recalled his wife being healed after a woman who only spoke Spanish prayed for her. He randomly asked if there was a man in the room who spoke a different language. Looking around, Jonnathan realized that the whole room was looking at him. He said, “I speak Chinese but I have never prayed in Chinese.” The man instructed him to pray. He did as he was told. As soon as he started praying the painful palm-size bulge in his abdomen caused by the hernia retracted. The medical doctor who so happened to have his hand on him said that it happened so fast that his index finger was almost sucked in. After that healing, Jonnathan added, “Lord, strengthen his legs and give him feeling back into his legs.”

 Jonnathan left the room with the other men, exhausted and relieved that Richard’s hernia was healed. He started visiting with the other vets. Then a man tapped Jonnathan on his shoulder and said, “Jonnathan, I can’t believe it. Look at Richard.” Jonnathan turned my head and was astonished by what he saw. Richard was standing and walking around the room. Richard stepped out of his room and said with tears in his eyes, “I have used my wheelchair for six years. I am pain-free and my legs feel strong.” A few hours later, Richard was still walking around. In addition to the healings listed, we also prayed for a man who was overcoming a stroke whose symptoms significantly got better and for a man to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire.


The retreat contacted me about 12 hours after the miracle. Richard, the man who rose from the wheelchair removed his leg braces and is completely restored!