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Pastor and Teacher Raymond Yackell explores the misconceptions of our identities in Jesus Christ

Chickens Are Landbound by author and pastor Raymond Yackell

HOUSTON, TEXAS – JULY 12, 2021 – Pastor Raymond Yackell invites readers to explore the benefits they are given in their true identities in Jesus Christ as sons and daughters in his new book, Chickens Are Landbound: A Journey to Identity and Sonship.

“As believers, we often go through our journey with God, with very little understanding of the true meaning of sonship,” stated Raymond Yackell, Chickens are Landbound. “My hope in writing this book is that believers from all walks of life, both men and women, would explore their full potential through the discovery of their identity in these pages.”

Chickens Are Landbound was originally self-published by Raymond Yackell in 2018 before he opted to republish his book, in 2021, through Christian publisher God Manifest Publishing located in Houston, Texas.

This book will take readers on a journey to discover who Father God in Heaven designed them to be. Also, within its pages, readers will also discover who God is in them and through them to the world. This book is dripping with revelation, true-life stories, and power that will renew the reader’s mind and heal the wounds of their heart.

Chickens Are Landbound is available digitally and in paperback on Amazon.com, Kindle and all major online bookstores.

About Raymond Yackell
Raymond Yackell and his wife Sue founded Flowing Rivers Ministries in 2005 in Houston, Texas. They have a passion for setting captives free and stirring up revival fires in the body of Christ. Their anointing extends into healing and the prophetic, which breaks the yokes of bondage on God’s people (Ezekiel 47:7-9 and Luke 4:18). God has given them an anointing to stir up the Godly identity in people and to encourage them to walk into the destiny to which they have been called, to take their rightful place as sons and daughters of the Most High God. In 2017, the Lord spoke to them to begin their itinerant ministry. www.flowingrivers4u.org

About God Manifest Publishing
God Manifest Publishing was founded in 2019 to provide big publisher services at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the author’s royalties to new and lesser-known, Christian-based authors. Whether you’re seeking a professional publisher to provide the full spectrum of publishing services (copy editing, proofreading, design, and distribution), or you’re a self-publisher seeking a publishing partner to provide you with one or more of the many behind the scenes services that authors need, God Manifest Publishing is ready to help your book come alive. www.godmanifestpublishing.com