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The censorship of the Bible, Christians, and the Conservatives Voice.

Big Tech App Stores (Amazon, Apple, and Google) have recently blocked the distribution of Parler, a popular social media platform, from all their app stores. Expect an increase and expansion of the censorship of organizations, individuals, websites, and apps, including the censorship of the Christian Bible (digital and printed), all quotations of scripture, live Christian broadcasts and sermons, and streaming videos. The question isn’t “if” it will start because it already has, but when the censorship will exponentially increase and most importantly how we stop the censorship of our free speech and freedom of religion. 

Years ago, while finishing a one-month mission trip in Kisumu, Kenya a couple of Kenyan Christian ministers stated that they believed that American Christians were weak, powerless, fearful of persecution, and hypocritical. At that time, I was deaf to what God was trying to reveal to me, but now, I can sadly say that I agree with their assessment of us, the American Christian. However, not all of American Christians are weak, powerless, fearful of persecution, and hypocritical. I believe that a majority of us are and that it is time that we collectively stand boldly and roar.

How will Big Tech (Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Disney, etc.) censor the Bible, all scripture, and Christian media?

  1. Amazon. Amazon is not only the largest company in the world, they are the largest book retailer in the world. Meaning publishers, authors, and distributors are at the mercy of Amazon’s platform to successfully sell their books and products. Simply put, without Amazon, book publishers, authors, and distributors are ruined. Also, I expect literature, including certain versions of the Bible, to either be blocked from Amazon’s website or forced to be altered to fit into the new social norms and to fit into Big Tech’s agenda.
  2. AWS. Amazon is not only the largest book retailer and company, they also own the largest web hosting company in the world through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Did you know that their hosting company hosts websites, apps, and files of many government organizations, large companies, and even individuals, like you and I? This means that the organizations and individuals utilizing Amazon’s servers to host their websites, apps, and files, are also at the mercy of Amazon. As they have shown with their blatant attack on Parler, warning them that they are shutting off their servers if Parler does not comply with their demands, the precedent has been set for them to do the same thing to us. This means that churches and other Christian websites, like the Bible online, hosted by Amazon may soon be forced to conform to the standards Amazon specifies or allows. Simply put, as cancel culture grows, anything Amazon and other Big Tech companies label as hate speech or intolerant will be canceled.
  3. Streaming Video. Although streaming services such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Disney, YouTube, and Hulu have made original content, movies, and shows easily and conveniently accessible for all, the companies mentioned above and others also hold the exclusive right to add, block, and/or remove content whenever they please. I believe that as more and more trashy content like Cuties, the movie with sexually charged children, are allowed on these platforms, content that contradicts their extremely liberal views will soon be blocked or forced to adapt. Simply put, production studios, producers, directors, and writers will be faced with the hard question, do they conform to these conglomerates and retain their access to millions of viewers or retain their creative license and free speech and push back.
  4. Phone Apps. The creation of smartphones has made content both convenient and instant. Not only can a grandmother FaceTime their grandchildren from anywhere in the world, anyone with a smartphone can now access the bible through popular apps and websites such as YouVersion, BibleHub, Bible Gateway, and Logos. An app without a platform to distribute it is useless. Currently, Apple, Google (Android), and Amazon Apps hold the three largest app stores in the world and the largest collection of “smart” products (iPhone, iPad, phones running on Android, and Kindle). In the tech world, he who owns the platform holds the power. Simply put, as these three Big Tech companies have shown with their removal of Parler from their stores that they will do the same to any app and content developer they disagree with, including the popular Bible apps and any apps distributing Christian or conservative content. Simply put, this means that these app stores will begin to “force change”. Forcing apps and developers to compromise their message and views in exchange for being available on their app stores and I expect the companies to begin targeting our beloved Bible apps. Eventually, like the printed Bible, the Bible apps unwilling to conform and alter their scriptures will be censored or blocked from all app stores.


I believe that Christian Americans are still the majority in our Nation. Although Big Tech is powerful, companies without consumers cannot exist. Companies need consumers like you and I and I believe that if we collectively speak, with our money, our vote, our voice, and our prayers, these power-hungry companies will eventually cave to us, the majority. 

Lastly, I recommend everyone flood Christian bookstores, like Mardel and Lifeway, and pick up physical copies of your favorite version of the Bible before Big Tech changes them, as seen in China.

Be strong, be bold, be vigilant, and be blessed.