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The Buddhist

The Buddhist

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Encouragement, Testimony, Uplifting Story |

By: Jonnathan Zin Truong | Facebook, Twitter

After my salvation, my unsaved mother routinely invited me over to her place for home-cooked meals. These meals quickly started becoming a demonstration of God’s goodness and love. One day I came over to her apartment for “lunch” and she introduced me to her Buddhist friend saying, “This is my son Jonnathan that I told everyone at the temple about that heals through his God, Jesus Christ.” My mother’s friend said, “Jesus?” My mother answered, “Yes and if you allow him to pray for you, I know you will be healed.” She hesitantly agreed and I prayed for her, laying my hands on her knees and her back. After the prayer, I knew in my heart that she was healed but also knew she was upset I prayed to Jesus. I thanked her for allowing me to pray for her as my mom served my lunch. We all visited while I ate and as I got up to leave, my mother and her friend stood up to say their goodbyes. I stood watching her friend gingerly stand up, her eyes open, jaw drop as she started kicking, squatting and jumping. She screamed, “I’m healed! I’m 87 years old and never had pain in my body before last year when my knees started hurting and in a short time I was unable to stand up and walk around my house without sharp pain,” she added, “You healed me.” I softly correctly her stating, “Jesus healed you because He loves you. All I did was pray and believe.” With tears streaming down her face the buddhist said… “Thank you Jesus!” She embraced me and asked me to stay a little longer to answer some questions she had. I agreed and moments later she accepted Jesus into her heart. After that day, each time I was invited over for a meal, my mother would have another friend from her temple waiting for prayer. About a quarter of my mother’s friends I prayed for received Jesus but everyone of them experienced God’s love, were healed and were touched by Him.

Romans 2:4 states that it is the “Goodness of God” that leads people to repentance.

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