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When I was about 8 years old, my father made a bold proclamation over my older brother and I. He said, “The two of you will never accomplish more than I have in your lives.” You see, my father was a womanizer, adulterer, and addicted to gambling, alchohol, cigarettes, food, and many other things. Essentially, he was partnering with the enemy’s heart and cursing us to become less than he was. Cursing us to go from shame to shame instead of glory to glory. Fast forward to age 23, around a year after my salvation, I found John 14:12-14, a statement which contrasted my earthly father’s statement, it read: “I tell you this timeless truth: The person who follows me in faith, believing in me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do—even greater miracles than these because I go to be with my Father! For I will do whatever you ask me to do when you ask me in my name. And that is how the Son will show what the Father is really like and bring glory to him. Ask me anything in my name, and I will do it for you!” – John 14:12‭-‬14 The Passion Translation (TPT) I recall reading this while sitting in my office at Zin Design Studio, a grassroots design firm I just started a few months earlier, and feeling hope and God’s unconditional love fill my heart. As warm tingly sensations filled my body, electrifying and awakening my heart, I heard God say, “A Father’s desire is for His children to surpass His accomplishments.” Instantly, I knew that my destiny wasn’t limited my my earthly father’s curse but rather my destiny was to receive and fulfill my Heavenly Father’s plans, purposes, future, and legacy He released to us when He spoke the scriptures above. I recall thinking, what have I done to receive such an amazing Father, like God? How can I repay Him for the amazing gifts of forgiveness, redemption, restoration, love, and sacrifice He personally gave to me? The birth, life, persecution, betrayal, punishment, and death of Jesus Christ, was payment for crimes He never committed, however, freely paid for for the sins of whole world, for you and me. His resurrection, oh the power and glorious resurrection, was the greatest miracle He ever performed, as He rose from His grave, He returned, back to us, our dominion over earth. I recall, after reading John 14:13, as a one year old believer, I said, “I must pursue and do all that Christ has done, including the purposes found in Matthew 10:8 and throughout His life.” You see, God has a plan and purpose for each of us. It is written that He personally knew each of us before we were formed in our earthly mother’s womb. Everything Christ did was part of the plan and purpose, which, He...

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Peace of Mind – God in the Chaos

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Sometimes it’s hard to hear the voice of God in the midst of emotional turmoil, check out the secrets that Pastor Jonnathan learned through one of the toughest trials of his life.

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Spoiled Goods

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By: Jonnathan Zin Truong | Facebook, Twitter My brother and I grew up pretty poor. My mother would shop and buy food (meats, fruits and vegetables), at a deep discount because the items were all nearly spoiled: brown, wilted and spotted. When she purchased packaged and can goods, she always search through the packages which were dented or damaged. She would always say… “It’s still good.” and “I can still use this.” And she always did… she took items that some would consider trash and made gourmet meals with them. After all, she was trained in the kitchen by chefs in Vietnam and any ingredient given to a master craftsman, like her, always became a part of something great. Some of you are thinking the same thing about yourself. You think you’re rotten, dirty, broken and useless. Some of you have even been told those things in your lives but just like those ingredients my mom purchased, God is saying that “You’re still good.” and “He can still use you.” God is more than just a skilled craftsman, He is the Craftsman. If you allow Him to use you, He will make you a part of something great. Be blessed! Twitter: @mixedzin #thankful #blessed #loved #god #mom #mother #mothersday...

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Victim Mentality

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By: Jonnathan Zin Truong | Facebook, Twitter Too often I hear about Christians standing proud as they go through trial-after-trial. These people are in a mindset of “enduring” the trial rather than “persevering” through it (James 1:2-4). We all know them, they’re the people saying, “Look at me, I am so amazing and awesome that the devil keeps attacking me!” They’ve partnered with a “spirit of self-pity” and have a “victim mentality” which is extremely dangerous to embrace because this takes the person’s focus off of God and puts their attention on themselves, the enemy, his tactics and glorifies all three instead of God. People with a “victim mentality” seem to always be on the lookout for their next “big trial to endure,” taking the focus of everyone they share their “trial” with off of God and onto themselves and the enemy. These people lavish in the attention (sympathy) they receive with each heartbreak or letdown rather than persevering through each trial and celebrating the victories. Although God will use trials to grow and strengthen a person, making a spectacle of yourself or a trial rather than pursuing the victory God wants for you, glorifies Him in no way. Christians need to stop “enduring” the trials that they should be “persevering” through. Be encouraged today that you are fully equipped. Twitter: @mixedzin #jesus #christ #christian #victory...

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