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By: Jonnathan Zin Truong | Facebook, Twitter Both fear and love will cause people to do crazy things. We hear stories all the time of miraculous things that parents do to save their children. Or the terrible things people do to avoid their fears. For everything good thing God has created the enemy creates a counterfeit. Fear is the counterfeit of Love and a direct opposition against Faith. Which is why scripture states: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” — 1 John 4:18 Fear of rejection. Fear of intimacy. Fear of failure. Fear of sickness. Fear of persecution. Fear of… name it and someone has dealt with it or is dealing with it right now. Fear cripples, especially in the Christian body, preventing us from entering into God’s promises, individually and as the body. The more we exercise fear the more influence it has in our decision. The same is true with love. The more we exercise love, the more influence/strength it has on our decisions. We must act and react with love and not fear. The fear of insignificance has stifled “The Church Body.” Causing people to fight for position and allowing the spirit of entitlement to infect us. I was once told that character is how you react when your neighbor receives the things you are praying for yourself. Have you noticed that brand new believers are going from finding Jesus to prophesying, casting out demons and healing the sick, practically over night? The less the body cares about position and credit, the more growth we will see in the body. I personally love it! I have a heart to teach and a heart to see believers empowered quickly. Don’t let someone’s fear of insignificance talk you out of your faith. We are in a season of Matthew 20:1-16, a season of acceleration in all spiritual things, including the manifestation of God’s gifts. Just as the parable illustrated, God will pay the first workers the same as the last workers, He will give us all the same portion, regardless of age, experience or position. The different parts of the body should cheer and encourage the other parts. You are never going to see a hand jealous of a foot, they need each other. SOLUTIONS: The Christian body needs to unite, if one part of the body fails, the whole body lacks, not just that one part. Christians are forgetting who the enemy is, and instead of defeating them, we’re fighting each other. The enemy is not stupid and has nothing better to do than to plot their next attack. They know the bible and its stories too and are using them to try to defeat the very people the bible was created to guide....

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Mission: Jamaica

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By: Jonnathan Zin Truong | Facebook, Twitter Last week my lovely wife, Olivia and I spent a full week in Jamaica. Before the trip I felt God’s urging to pack ten small travel bibles and asked Olivia to stop by the shop and pick them up. While at the shop, she was having a hard time finding the particular bibles I asked her to get and just as she was about to head to a different store, she found them and instantly realized that there were exactly ten left in the box. Confirmation, we both thought! While in Jamaica, we stayed at a nice resort to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. While there, we left the bibles in our suitcase and began to ask God who He wanted us to give them to and when He wanted us to do this. As our week in Jamaica was coming to an end, we both were surprised that neither of us have felt God’s urging to give the bibles away nor felt the tug to “minister” the way you would expect “ministry” to look like. We began to think that we may have missed our opportunity. The entire trip, we purposed to love, honor and encourage the people around us, from staff members to guests. Loving them and trying our best represent God the best way we knew how. Friday, the day before we were going to leave, we booked another snorkeling excursion, which was included in the travel package. An hour before we were supposed to leave, both Olivia and I felt the nudge from God to buy a few gifts from the resort beach vendors and pay whatever they asked, which in some instances were 5-10 times more than we would have in the United States. God said to us both, bless them. So bless them we did. No haggling, no awkward negotiation, just us saying yes to whatever price they gave us. Oddly enough, even though we purposed not to haggle, the vendors began to offer us lower and lower prices for each item and even though we way over paid, we both found that their self haggling was interesting. Half way through looking browsing the items on each vendor’s table, God said to me, “Get the bibles.” and so we did. As I walked out with the first five bibles, all the vendors perked up and asked us if they each could have one, in fact some even asked for two or three. After satisfying the vendors desires for bibles, I leaned over to Olivia and asked how many we had left. She said none, we gave away exactly ten! After giving away the bibles, full fledged ministry kicked in. God began to give us both words of knowledge as we began to pray for the vendors. Quickly a small crowd began to gather around us as...

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