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100% Cancer Free!

In 2010, when I was just returned home from a mission trip from Kenya with my best friend Patrick, my then girlfriend Olivia, now wife invited me to Lafayette, Louisiana to visit her grandparents, while there she also invited me to me to visit her stepfather’s mother, Miss Jane. When we arrived at her driveway, Olivia turned to me and said “Miss Jane is dying of stage 4 cancer. This is her third bout with lung cancer and now according to her doctors this strain of cancer was incurable.” She added, “If you feel led during our visit to please pray for her.” We visited for about 45 minutes and God begin prompting me to share testimonies of healing that I’ve personally were a part of. At the end of the testimonies, we asked Miss Jane if we could pray for her and she agreed. Olivia and I both prayed for her for her for healing, a move of God and that she feels and knows God’s love for her. After prayer we begin to make a way out of the house, and God prompted me to turned to her and say, “Jane, text me on Tuesday after your doctor’s visit when you’re 100% cancer free.” We left and made our way back to Houston, and on Tuesday while at work, Olivia called and asked me if Jane called our texted me yet. I answered “No.” and asked, “What happened?” Olivia joyfully replied, “Miss Jane is 100% cancer free, God healed her incurable cancer!”

A few months later we visited her again. While at lunch, she asked if she could be completely honest with me. Of course I said yes. What she shared was hysterical!

She said, “Boy, when you asked if you could pray for me and I agreed, I only did so only because you were dating my granddaughter, I had no idea God would or wanted to heal me. I thought you were crazy!” I confessed that I really didn’t know it was going to happen either and asked her what she thought now of the experience. She replied, “If it didn’t happen to me personally, I wouldn’t have believed it. Now I know Jesus loves and knows me.”

Amazing that with three people praying with faith the size of three small mustard seeds, God still moved.

Miss Jane has since passed away, but did not have a relapse or die from lung cancer.

Please feel free to share this, or tag anyone in comments below that are dealing with any type of incurable or debilitating disease.

God is still healing and is still on the throne. ‪#‎GodHeals‬

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